Selling in 6™ 

Online, on-demand sales training in six-minute modules to turbocharge your success advancing energy initiatives.

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Selling in 6: Commercial & Industrial Edition

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Learn how to sell energy projects more effectively with 6-minute lessons online, on-demand.

Cost-effective, time-efficient and easy to deploy. The trade press calls Selling in 6™ a “sales manager’s dream.”

Get training for you, your staff, contractors or other trade partners to close more deals so that you can meet your sales goals. Selling in 6™️ is comprised of concise, convenient, and trackable mobile-learning video lessons that leave no room for excuses. With editions for Commercial & Industrial and Residential energy professionals, as well as Internal Champions, Selling in 6™️ is truly comprehensive. You’ll learn countless insights gleaned from energy professionals with decades of sales experience involving millions of square feet of projects.


Energy professionals are now selling more effectively.


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More than 25 years of energy-focused sales experience have been distilled into hundreds of visually engaging 6-minute lessons.

  • Lessons are viewable on a smartphone or any other internet-connected device.
  • Drip irrigation six minutes at a time ensures attention and comprehension.
  • Questions following the lessons encourage the learner to apply these concepts.
  • Lessons can be searched by keyword and revisited as many times as needed.
  • And now, audio versions of the lessons make it easy to learn or review while on the go.

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Selling in 6™ takes a multimodal approach that is ideal for adult learners.

  • Comprehensive narrated videos averaging six minutes each
  • Audio-only version, excellent for "training on the go"
  • Hardcover Playbook featuring the slides, other resources and space for notes
  • Hardcover copy and digital audiobook of Mark Jewell's WSJ bestseller 
  • Participation in Selling Energy's monthly Mastermind Group coaching calls for personalized feedback

Trusted by energy professionals & utilities across North America.

My entire sales and sales support team took this training. I saw positive results before the end of Week 1. We closed multiple sales quickly -- sales opportunities that had been lingering up to that point. Worth every penny.
Bruce Bibby
Bruce Bibby Former Director of Conservation and Demand Management at Hydro Ottawa
Every seller of energy efficiency needs this type of training! Very rare to find this caliber of training talent in our industry.
Richard Thorne
Richard Thorne Conservation Demand Management, Hydro Ottawa
All businesses want more business and this information helps companies land more work. I've attended ~20 SDG&E seminars and this has by far been the most useful.
Hayley Powers
Hayley Powers Sustainability Engineer, McParlane & Associates, Inc.
Best course I have taken in a decade! Mark was stellar - clear, precise and easy to understand! Mark is an awesome teacher and coach. Proven procedures with great stories and humor too!
Michael Huffman
Michael Huffman Corporate Account Manager, Green Hinge System

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  • Identify the market segments and organizations that are your most promising targets
  • Fine-tune your messaging to resonate with what those prospects really care about by understanding segment-specific business acumen, jargon and yardsticks
  • Connect the dots between energy projects and well-documented non-utility-cost financial and non-financial benefits
  • Concisely communicate your value proposition so you capture and retain your decision-maker’s attention
  • Present financial analyses that move beyond simple payback by focusing on the metrics that truly matter
  • Preemptively neutralize the myths and objections that can stall or stymie even the most worthwhile projects
  • Skillfully prevail when faced with “three bids syndrome”
  • Coordinate your marketing and sales efforts so that they genuinely support each other
  • And so much more!

Commercial and Industrial Edition 

Residential Edition 

Internal Champion Edition

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