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Online, on-demand sales training

Selling in 6™

Learn how to sell energy projects more effectively with 6-minute lessons online, on-demand.

Cost-effective, time-efficient and easy to deploy. The trade press calls Selling in 6™ a “sales manager’s dream.”

Get training for you, your staff, contractors or other trade partners to close more deals so that you can meet your sales goals. Selling in 6™️ is comprised of concise, convenient, and trackable mobile-learning video lessons that leave no room for excuses. With editions for Commercial & Industrial and Residential energy professionals, as well as Internal Champions, Selling in 6™️ is truly comprehensive. You’ll learn countless insights gleaned from energy professionals with decades of sales experience involving millions of square feet of projects.


Energy professionals are now
selling more effectively.


Respondents would
recommend us to their peers.


Written testimonials
and a history of success.

More than 30 years of energy-focused sales experience have been distilled into hundreds of visually engaging 6-minute lessons.


Lessons are viewable on a smartphone or any other internet-connected device.


Drip irrigation six minutes at a time ensures attention and comprehension.


Questions following the lessons encourage the learner to apply these concepts.


Lessons can be searched by keyword and revisited as many times as needed.


And now, audio versions of the lessons make it easy to learn or review while on the go.

Turbocharge your success advancing energy initiatives.

If you are planning annual sales meetings, customer energy summits, or other in-person events, I have a large repertoire of keynotes that would give your audiences powerful strategies for moving energy-related projects forward.


Creating and Executing Your Post-COVID Sales Plan


Leveraging Energy Efficiency to Help Your Customers Regain Their Financial Footing


Getting Your Projects Approved Now That Frozen Budgets Are Thawing


Maximizing Your Revenue and Profit Despite Supply Chain Disruptions and Labor Constraints

Trusted by energy professionals &
utilities across North America.

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  • Explore how organizations similar to yours are already using Selling Energy’s sales training to advance their goals.
  • Experience a live demo of these training tools and see options for private-labeling the training for your audience.
  • Discuss best practices for deploying the training including how to maximize participation, verify engagement with the help of weekly viewing reports, and recapture unviewed licenses so they can be redeployed to others.
  • Share various details with us on audience composition, headcount, and any desired customization of content so we can produce a one-page proposal for you to circulate internally for approval.