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"Selling Energy is dynamic, continually improving, current, and a step ahead into the future."

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First, you introduced me to energy efficiency in buildings, residential housing, commercial building, and construction in general. You educated me accordingly to show why energy efficiency is important as a cost-saving and profitable for me and my family as a private individual and for all categories of businesses. You taught, showed, and proved that efficient heating, cooling, lighting equipment, and systems when efficient improve the quality of life for people, the nation, and the environment. You show the technical and academic foundations of energy efficiency to convince people to buy efficient energy. You showed how people and businesses make the decision that drives all categories of business life. Selling Energy is dynamic, continually improving, current, and a step ahead into the future. I love quotes of wisdom, book and article references. It is great to see a winning team in action continually giving.

Abel Konan

Economist, Market News and Analysis Branch at Hawaii Department of Agriculture

Every seller of energy efficiency needs this type of training!  Very rare to find this caliber of training talent in our industry.  Never lost interest.

Richard Thorne

Supervisor - Conservation Demand Management at Hydro Ottawa Limited

Excellent, concise, applicable and results-driven material.  I've been a student of Mark's for a number of years and I always come away with new insights and actionable items.

Chris Ing

President at Chris Ing Consulting LLC

Mark is clear about the hard work needed to compete in the market


Mark is an excellent instructor and coach. He is really good at answering the simple or sophisticated questions in a way that provides information for all levels of students. He is clear about the hard work needed to compete in the market. And he worked his way up, and observed others, so seen a lot of mistakes to avoid and he talks about them with a bit of humor which helps.

Jeffrey Violet

Senior Engineer at Sherrill Enginering, Inc.

The explanation of different financial metrics were clear with live examples makes sales process much easier. Thank you Mark for another great session!

Aleksandar Kostic

Technical Director at Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL)

Great presentation format & content, excellent real world examples. Mark is fantastic. Mark's course is easily the best sales training I have attended in my 15-year career.

Brian Alexy

President at Greener NOI

"He digs into how your enthusiasm, presentation, and habits impact your accomplishments... "

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Mark's program addresses every aspect of being a successful sales professional, which really gets at being successful in life and the pursuit of goals. He digs into how your enthusiasm, presentation, and habits impact your accomplishments, as well as how those you encounter -- not just prospects, but everyone you meet -- can make a huge difference in your achievements. This was the best time spent in training, out of the multiple degrees and hundreds of hours of CEUs, that I have ever done. Well worth the full cost, and then some!

Babette Barbie Beaudette

Owner, Energy & Sustainable Design Consultant at Sustainable Performance

ALL of the finance material had a lot of valuable information that I am going to utilize. Thank you, Mark and Rachel. This was a phenomenal training course that I will highly recommend to anyone involved in selling energy efficiency. I will be using this training manual as my bible!

Derek Reichstein

Senior Director, Middle Market Sales at Ygrene Energy Fund

The entire content is a roadmap to success! The best part is knowing that it does NOT end today and that we have all of these resources to access. This will continue to reinforce all the great tips, actions, and changes through drip irrigation.

Mike Hedge

Assistant Director of Engineering at Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

I sent all of my sales team through the training because it helped set the foundation of proper sales...


Mark is a fire hose of information that brings value to our teams. I sent all of my sales team through the training because it helped set the foundation of proper sales techniques in an industry that is necessary and yet undervalued by the customer so we need to make sure we are at the highest level of educating and sharing our expertise and capabilities.

AJ Perkins

President / CEO at InstantON

Selling Energy is the most comprehensive, insightful, and focused training system for today's energy technology professional. Mark's Selling in Six system is unparalleled in the online training world.  Join top producing energy professionals learning what's important to the energy services buyer with Selling Energy. 

Brian Amster

Sr. Vice President at QuaLED Lighting

Mark is a wealth of knowledge beyond sales and industry and has the ability to stir enthusiasm in my business. This was an exceptional course and will change the way I sell, propose, describe energy efficiency to my clients, colleagues and friends. I believe it will substantially impact my sales and increased productivity.

Marc Pickett

Senior Account Manager at American Mechanical Services

"I will forever be grateful for the wealth of knowledge that Mark Jewell has shared. "

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In my 22 years as an energy professional, the training material that Mark Jewell provides is by far the best that I have ever encountered. He delivers comprehensive sales training that gets the desired results. Mark is a rare gift enjoyed by anyone that benefits from high-performance selling.  He is an expert in a variety of areas including creating a value proposition, building strategic partnerships, energy-efficiency sales, communication strategies, and my favorite — the one-page proposal. As a result of consistently applying Mark’s material over several years, my career has dramatically taken off. I will forever be grateful for the wealth of knowledge that Mark Jewell has shared.  In a world of ‘too much sizzle and not enough steak,’ Mark Jewell is the prime cut.

Andre Christian

Business Development Director at Interstate Energy Consulting, Inc.

THANK YOU for bringing Mark's presentation to us. His material is valuable, relevant and interesting. He is a focused and engaging presenter, and I really enjoy his sense of humor. I loved this training and found it extremely valuable and worthwhile.

Chris Cavanaugh

Sales Director at VetPowered

Working on the elevator pitch was great! Mark gave grand productivity and email tips as well as listening skills. Today's class reminded me how important it is for me to step away from daily tasks and plan my goals with reflection.

Brian DiGiorgio

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Program Developer and Manager at DNV GL Energy North America

Mark has forgotten more during breakfast than I will ever know about selling efficiency.


Mark has forgotten more during breakfast than I will ever know about selling efficiency. Anybody, and I mean anybody, can listen to Mark for an hour and take home nuggets to use immediately when dealing with customers. I have attended Mark's live events as well as online webinars, read his book, his blog, etc. Mark blows me away every time!

Jeff Stephens

Environmental Controls

An outstanding presenter!  I came away from the class with a lot of nuggets I can immediately use in my interaction with current and prospective clients.

Belinda Kenley

Vice President & Director of Sales at Energy Optimizers USA

Mark provided new ways to look at the sales process that should lead to more opportunities.

George Cullina

Energy Efficiency Consultant at Eco Lighting Services and Technology

I took several classes or trainings with Mark  in the past. Mark focuses on possibilities and articulating nuts and bolts methodology.  He is knows energy initiatives,  the markets , and why the economics of Energy Efficiency is a win win.

Mary Rose Kaczorowski

Principal at Policy, Public Affairs, Advocacy & Administration Consultant

Mark is one of (if not the only) person out there doing effective sales training for the utility industries. He pulls from his own experiences as well as key points from other resources. I have yet to find another resource that his team researches for vertical markets like his segment guides.

Joe Cantwell

Product Sales & Marketing Manager at Johnson Controls

The training - topics covered, resources, and quite frankly ongoing support and enthusiasm - is a breath of fresh air in the industry.  Especially for professionals who may not have a great sales manager, or are forced to sit through laborious and dreadful sales meetings.  Mark is a great leader - inspiring to take meaningful actions by the sales professional, propelling their career to new heights through the correct way to make sales! 

Jason Mulholland

Solar & Energy Efficiency Consultant at Tick Tock Energy

 I am quite familiar with Mark's trainings.  In April and May I participated in the Selling Energy Series on Selling in an Economic Downturn Webinar Series...the course recently helped me save a project that I had proposed before the pandemic hit that was facing a buying freeze objection on consulting projects from my client that I was able to overcome.  I am also working on improving in asking my current customers for referrals.  Very helpful webinar series indeed.

Randy Lucas

Principal at Lucas Tax + Energy Consulting