As its title suggests, this fast-paced webinar provided more than a dozen insights into how smart energy solutions providers will tap this new legislation to help their customers become more successful while growing their own businesses in the process.

Topics covered include…

  • Cross-sell existing customers with new energy-related offerings that qualify for tax benefits
  • Identify new categories of prospects given the expansion of entities eligible to receive these tax benefits
  • Use both before-tax and after-tax lenses to analyze the financial merits of proposed energy projects more accurately
  • Quantify the cost of delay and help your prospects overcome the temptation to “wait and see” given the present dearth of guidance from Treasury on how to interpret this new legislation
  • Pivot to a more consultative model with your prospects and clients and guide them toward maximizing potential tax benefits without exposing yourself to the liability associated with “giving tax advice”
  • Help your prospects stay focused on important non-utility-cost financial and non-financial benefits with the goal of ensuring that the tail of possible tax benefits doesn’t wag the dog of all the other benefits they would gain by approving your proposals sooner rather than later

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