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How we
support utilities

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Selling Energy to their peers

Selling Energy was founded in 2010 with the specific goal of helping utilities and program implementers get more customers to say “Yes!” to energy solutions.

We wanted to help shift the market from simply “promoting” energy solutions to actually “selling” them. We teach utility staffs, implementers, trade allies, and utility customers’ own internal champions how to reframe the whole energy conversation so they can attract and retain executive attention and get more proposals approved.

We have been fortunate to work with more than 300 utilities across North America, transforming more than 15,000 energy professionals into sales professionals in the process. Given this wealth of experience, we know what it takes to make a utility sales training program truly successful. Moreover, we take a soup-to-nuts approach, from design to deployment to success reporting and every step in-between. We make the path between “allocating a sales training budget” and “seeing more energy projects approved” more time-efficient, cost-effective, and predictable.

Why work with Selling Energy


Makes training easy for you: We have the team, tools, and resources to provide you with a time-efficient, cost-effective, genuinely turn-key sales training deployment.


Reduce employee turnover: Teaching all of your “accidental salespeople” how to become more successful in their roles not only reduces employee turnover, but also helps you achieve your program goals.


Improve customer satisfaction:
Contractors can be the sandpaper or lubricant between the utility and its customers. Selling Energy’s professional sales training gives contractors the attitudes, habits, and know-how to sell the right energy solutions to your customers rather than defaulting to lowest-first-cost, fastest-payback options.

Boost contractor participation: Giving trade allies our award-winning sales training demonstrates your commitment to their success. Many utilities have used our training and ongoing coaching as carrots to attract and retain enrollment in Trade Ally programs. Offering this training to internal champions (e.g., energy managers) who work for your larger customers demonstrates a similar shared commitment to getting more projects approved.


Achieve your program goals: Leverage a more well-trained sales force to achieve higher energy savings goals across your territory. Build a path to recurring savings by teaching trade allies (and internal champions) to make the business case for energy efficiency with or without rebates. Achieving more robust savings goals can also boost shareholder incentives that are tied to program performance.


Book a free, one-on-one Strategy Session with Mark Jewell.

Learn what Selling Energy has been delivering for similar clients. Explore how we can support the success of your team and help you achieve your program goals. Your Strategy Session will be time well-spent, regardless of whether you ultimately take advantage of our sales training offerings.