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Finding New Customers


1 Hour

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About Finding New Customers

There are many more creative, productive ways to “find new customers” than buying and dialing down a list of strangers so you can tell them about your company and offerings. In fact, much of your success in identifying and successfully courting new customers will depend on what you do before you make your first call. Taking the time to refine your value proposition and competitive advantage. Thinking about what would make you stay on the phone if you found yourself on the receiving end of a cold call. Sharing vivid descriptions of previous client successes that your prospects can genuinely resonate with. Actively listening to every word your prospect says and responding appropriately. These are just a handful of the many actionable tips you could start using right away to capture plenty of new customers.

After completing this course,
you will be able to:

  • Perform more effective outreach with “warmer” cold calls by researching your targeted market segments, organizations, and prospects in advance
  • Integrate active listening to have more productive conversations with prospects and customers


What people saying

“Overall, I am very thrilled with the plethora of information that has been given to us and am excited to put these new tools to work in the two companies I own. We’ll grow to exponential levels. Mark was a great speaker and this was such an awesome course. I have gone to about two dozen workshops and this was the most beneficial.”

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Nebiat Habte

VP Sales at Filtration Energy Solutions

“A reminder to start calling, too often we think about it and don't pick up the phone. Also liked the cold call info to best express value in first 15 seconds.  I am going to also going to close my eyes on my next customer call!”

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Michael Mackin

Sales at WESCO Distribution (Retired)

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About the Instructor

Mark Jewell

Mark Jewell is a Wall Street Journal best-selling author and Stevie® award-winning speaker focused on applying energy solutions to create value. He has influenced energy decisions in three billion square feet of real estate. His company, Selling Energy, has appeared on Selling Power magazine’s list of Top 20 Sales Training Firms. Mark received his B.S. in Economics from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.