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Unlock the potential of bringing energy solutions to the masses with Selling Energy’s exclusive training courses brought to you by SDG&E. Dive deep into the nuances of the energy sector, enhance your selling strategies, and stay ahead of the curve with our expertly crafted modules. 

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We are excited to announce four distinct NEW live online courses, each tailored to address specific challenges and opportunities in the energy sector. Plus, for those looking for advanced sales training, there are a limited number of Selling in 6 Gold program licenses available at no-cost to eligible professionals (fully subscribed - collecting waitlist registrations). Enroll in multiple courses with ease using the form to the right.

Leveraging New Video Selling Strategies and Tactics to Get More Energy Solutions Approved™

Part 1 - On Demand

Part 2 - On Demand

  • Two out of five prospects select their vendor based on the professionalism of the salesperson rather than service, warranty, or price.
  • Many decision-makers and influencers are working remotely these days. 
  • Mastering video presence has become one of the best ways to demonstrate your professionalism and gain a competitive advantage.
  • Three out of four prospects and clients prefer remote interaction, yet 78% of salespeople have received no training on being “camera-ready.”

Improve your “virtual intelligence” and dive into the world of video selling to discover strategies that demonstrate your professionalism, differentiate yourself, and capture the attention you need to get more projects approved. This course covers both synchronous virtual selling (think Teams and Zoom calls) and asynchronous virtual selling (embedding short self-produced video snippets into emails, LinkedIn posts, etc.) as well as the practical aspects of proper scripting, lighting, sound, and more.

Transforming Objections into Objectives: Getting to “Yes!” in Both Owner-Occupied and Landlord/Tenant Settings™

Part 1 - On Demand

Part 2 - On Demand

  • “I don’t have the budget.” | “We only approve projects with short simple payback periods.” | “My tenants pay the utility bill.” 
  • Address 65 common objections in energy proposals for owner-occupied and landlord/tenant properties.
  • Learn to handle 30 objections typically encountered when cold calling so you can recruit new customers more effectively.
  • Transform objections into motivating reasons to approve what you’re proposing.

Master the art of transforming objections into more opportunities for your prospects to say, “Yes!”

Using Market Segment-Specific Insights to Create Your Best Proposals™

Part 1 - On Demand

Part 2 - On Demand

  • Leverage industry-insider knowledge to connect your proposed solutions to the outcomes your prospects actually value.
  • Discover the jargon, yardsticks, and profit margins for each of 24 market segments.
  • Learn how to research and apply similarly powerful insights in any other market segment you’re targeting.

Positioning yourself as a peer will help you capture and retain the attention of the decision-makers and influencers you need to say “Yes!”

Harnessing the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 and Better Financial Analysis to Win More Project Approvals™

Part 1 - On Demand

Part 2 - On Demand

Learn some of the best ways to leverage the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 and other financial incentives (e.g., utility rebates). 

  • Know which data points are needed for a comprehensive financial analysis and where to find them.
  • Coach your prospects to evaluate the relative attractiveness of paying with cash today, phasing the implementation as cash becomes available, financing the project with a loan or lease, or taking the “as-a-service” route.
  • Understand how a proposed project’s costs and benefit would be allocated between landlord and tenants in order to navigate the proverbial “split incentive” issue that can stymie even the most worthwhile upgrades in income-producing properties.
  • Increase the pace of project approvals by offering a more compelling "cost of waiting."

This program is ideal for all energy professionals, regardless of financial background. It also includes financial analysis templates that make assessing the merits of expense-reducing capital projects straightforward and easy to explain to decision-makers.

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  • Access to Selling Energy’s Segment Guides™ online database containing insights that help you reframe your value propositions to resonate with 24 different market segments ($588 value). 


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*Available as electronic audiobook, e-book, or hardback format (while supplies last).