Format: Online, on-demand streaming.
Length: ~ 1.5 hours.

Segment-Specific Insights and Metrics Connect the Dots between Efficiency and Profitability. This webinar is designed to help you make the most of your Segment Guides purchase.

A bounty of post-upgrade interviews and countless megabytes of industry-specific data are helping to connect the dots between energy-saving projects and highly desirable business outcomes that extend far beyond lower utility bills.  This fast-paced session will explore dozens of examples taken from 11 different market segments (with more on the way) and demonstrate how enhanced efficiency can drive core business benefits.  It will continue with suggestions for similarly “connecting the dots” as you approach your own customers, regardless of the segment. Reframing the benefits of efficiency in segment-specific terms will not only help you get new projects approved, but will also allow you to revitalize previously ignored or rejected proposals.

This was a live, 90-minute online training. A recording of the live session is now available for purchase.

Learn to:

  • Identify the yardsticks your prospects use to measure their own success
  • Map your project’s benefits to all three “buckets” of savings your prospect cares about – utility cost financial, non-utility-cost financial, and non-financial
  • Understand what drives your prospect’s decision-making, revenues, and profits
  • Leverage segment-specific insights to open new conversations (or revitalize old ones) so that you can capture your prospect’s attention and get everyone on the decision-making chain excited about your project

Here are two real-life examples of using segment-specific intelligence to engage decision-makers and motivate project approvals:

Presented with a proposal for a lighting upgrade of a busy pharmacy, which data point would be most likely to capture the decision-maker’s attention?

  • The prospect of saving 5,256 less kWh per year
  • A financial analysis that projects $946.08 lower utility cost per year
  • A study citing that pharmacists who perceived their lighting as adequate experienced a 38.8% improvement in the ability to detect mistakes while dispensing prescriptions, an improvement that could mean as many as 400 fewer dispensing errors per year in a pharmacy handling 250 orders per day.

When presenting an HVAC controls improvement to an office building, which of the following data points would be most effective at motivating approval?

  • The new system would feature 300 control points that are tied together with a wireless mesh controlled by redundant servers.
  • Once installed, the system would enable the building to shed demand during periods of critical peak pricing.
  • If the resulting thermal comfort, indoor air quality, and control resulted in just 1.2 minutes per day of improved productivity for each of the 500 workers, the savings seen on the payroll line item of the organization’s profit and loss statement would exceed the energy savings of the entire system.


$49 per person.

If after receiving this training you decide to purchase a license to the Segment Guides™ database so that you can begin incorporating these insights and field-tested approaches into your own sales process, 100% of your webinar fee will be credited toward that purchase. Please contact us at info@sellingenergy.com or 415-814-3744 to request your $49 discount voucher.