Format: Online, on-demand streaming.
Length: ~ 1.25 hours.

This class builds on the concepts presented in “Taking Control of Your Energy.” As the title suggests, it provides a roadmap for making efficiency happen. The process starts with formulating the justification for improving building energy performance, and rallying the support of capital budgeting and other internal stakeholders. The next steps are finding the energy services resources needed to accomplish the improvements, and identifying and capturing any available “free money” to help fund the campaign. The final steps are measuring the results, and marketing successes – both internally (to support more projects) and externally (to enhance public relations, attract/retain tenants and customers, etc.).


  1. Understand where to start
  2. Valuing all the benefits
  3. Calculating and presenting compelling returns
  4. How to fund your improvements
  5. Capturing “free money” and technical assistance
  6. Are you eligible for tax incentives as well?
  7. Becoming an effective “internal” champion
  8. Measuring and communicating success internally and externally

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