Format: Online, on-demand streaming.
Length: ~ 5.25 hours.

Most decisions are emotional decisions, and making energy-efficiency purchases and changes are no exception. Whether you’re selling efficiency solutions or seeking project approvals, understanding what factors play a role in the decision-making process and knowing how to build rapport with key stakeholders vastly increase your odds of success. Learning to S.E.E. is a “pasta sampler” version of the more comprehensive Efficiency Sales Professional™ (ESP™) Program.  It provides the insights, focus, and skills you need to grow your market share, revenues, and profitability.

Who should attend:

Efficiency products dealers and distributors, mechanical and electrical contractors, energy-efficiency specialists, architects, engineers, HVAC and lighting designers, building owners and managers, utility representatives, commissioning authorities, and anyone else whose success depends on the successful advocacy of efficiency projects.

This training offers a wealth of insights on selling efficiency more effectively, such as…

  • Understanding and selling all of the benefits of enhanced efficiency (utility cost, non-utility-cost financial, and non-financial)
  • Appreciating the differences in decision-making drivers among building owners/landlords/tenants
  • Identifying and appealing to sector-specific and role-specific benefits
  • Generating leads and networking
  • Relationship development
  • Anticipating and addressing myths and objections
  • Communication strategies and tactics, including the value of a well-crafted “elevator pitch”
  • Understanding your prospects and building rapport
  • Selling to the C-suite
  • Developing a one-page proposal
  • Finding and highlighting the “free money” to help reduce or eliminate first cost
  • Calculating a project’s true return, including life-cycle cost where applicable
  • Distilling the costs/benefits into a concise one-page financial summary emphasizing the right metrics


  1. Is what you’re doing now working?
  2. Understanding and communicating the value of what you’re selling
  3. Replacing relationship-builders with challengers
  4. Key skills of a challenger
  5. Connecting the dots at various levels
  6. The importance of getting to know your prospects
  7. Migrating the discussions from “popular” to “proper” metrics
  8. Winning strategies for building rapport
  9. Dispelling Myths and Objections
  10. Landlord / Tenant Settings

Consider ordering the Companion Playbook:

The Learning to S.E.E.: (Sell Efficiency Effectively) in Commercial and Industrial Settings Playbook is a hard bound textbook containing supporting course materials designed to help students master the concepts presented in the online training; it includes the slides Mark uses for the in-person version of this course. Please allow up to 10 business days for delivery.

Terms of use:

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