The Efficiency Sales Professional™ (ESP) Certificate Program is 32 hours of training on sales, efficiency, financial analysis, and personal productivity that will help you become an efficiency sales ninja and turbocharge your success. Efficiency sales ninjas…

  • Find the highest-value targets and capture their attention
  • Map the decision-making chain and skillfully assess motivations
  • Concisely communicate value and artfully blend emotion and logic to neutralize objections
  • Replace myths with math and escape the clutches of simple payback period
  • Perform in ways that achieve results and merit emulation

This Boot Camp will be presented by Mark Jewell, a Wall Street Journal best-selling author and nationally recognized subject matter expert, coach, and speaker focused on applying energy efficiency to create value. He supports other professionals and organizations in overcoming the barriers to implementing projects. His experience includes over 30 years in commercial real estate and 20 years in energy efficiency.

Who should attend?

Efficiency products dealers and distributors, architects, engineers, mechanical and electrical contractors, energy-efficiency specialists, HVAC and lighting designers, building owners and managers, utility representatives, commissioning authorities, and anyone else whose success depends on the successful advocacy of efficiency projects.

Monday, January 29th – Thursday, February 1, 2018
8:30 AM – 5:00 PM Pacific

In-person or Online (Live Streaming)
SDG&E Energy Innovation Center
4760 Clairemont Mesa Blvd
San Diego, CA 92117


Preview: What It Takes To Be A Sales Professional and How You Can Become One

The Efficiency Sales Professional Boot Camp is not your typical sales course.

The market is filled with sales programs that provide proven strategies for increasing leads, creating compelling value propositions, building client relationships, and closing sales. However, these programs are created for large and varied audiences selling everything from Italian leather shoes to jetliners. When it comes to applying sales principles to your own industry, it starts to get tricky. That’s why Selling Energy created the ESP Certificate Program, which artfully combines instruction on professional selling, financial analysis, segment-specific business acumen, and the energy efficiency industry.

It has been said that successful people are willing to do what unsuccessful people are unwilling to do, and that half-efforts do not produce half-results, they produce no results.

This program requires your full commitment and engagement, which includes doing the pre- and post-class readings, being fully present and participatory during the sessions, and attentively completing the exercises that support this curriculum. Graduates finish the ESP Certificate Program with new and valuable insights, skills, techniques, and tools that will turbocharge their success in advancing efficiency initiatives.

Program Format and Privileges:

  • 4 consecutive in-person training days: Monday, January 29th to Thursday, February 1, 2018.
  • One year of post-training support via the Selling Energy Mastermind Group monthly coaching calls (a $348 value)
  • One year of online/on-demand access to the Financial Analysis of Energy Efficiency Projects training (Fundamental, Intermediate, and Advanced) (a $350 value)
  • One year of online/on-demand access to two elective courses (up to $698 value)
  • ESP Playbook pre-loaded with exercises, tools, templates, and more ($99 value. Note: the ESP Playbook is sold separately for un-sponsored Virtual Seats).
  • A copy of the Wall Street Journal best seller Selling Energy: Inspiring Ideas that Get More Projects Approved!
  • Ongoing access to the Selling Energy App™ (available for iPhone, iPad, and Android)
  • Complimentary headshot taken by a professional photographer
  • Personalized input on completed assignments (during class and as part of the Mastermind Group Workshops)
  • Authorized use of the Efficiency Sales Professional logo for proposals, marketing materials, resumes, and business cards (upon course completion)
  • Continuing Education Units for In-Person Attendees GBCI – 32 CEUs (LEED); all attendees will receive a Certificate of Completion


For SDG&E Trade Professionalscustomers or other professionals who serve SDG&E customers:

  • In-person $3,500 $495 for a limited number of seats for qualified individuals. Eligibility will be confirmed.
  • Virtual Seat $3,500 $495 for a limited number of seats for qualified individuals. Virtual attendees may join the Boot Camp live online and/or access a full recording for an entire year.

For other non-sponsored attendees (Non-subsidized):

  • In-person $3,500 $1,999
  • Virtual Seat $3,500 $999 (Note: ESP Playbook is sold separately ($99) for un-sponsored virtual seats. Early bird special – register by December 31st and get the ESP Playbook for FREE).

Note: 20 of the 40 subsidized seats are reserved for registered SDG&E Trade Professionals. An additional 20 subsidized seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis to SDG&E Trade Professionals, SDG&E customers, and professionals who provide efficiency services to SDG&E customers. Registration is limited to 10 individuals per company, without prior approval.Group discounts are available for professionals attending at the non-subsidized rate. Contact us at info@sellingenergy.com or 415-814-3744 for more information.

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellations will be accepted for a full refund up to four weeks prior to the start of the boot camp. Cancellations made after January 1st will forfeit the registration fee, however we will work with you to coordinate a make-up session.

Program Details:

Section 1: Setting Yourself Up for Success

Module 1: Introduction to the ESP Program
Module 2: Anticipating and addressing myths and objections
Module 3: Getting in the mindset for success
Module 4: Optimizing your workspace and habits

Section 2: Identifying the Right Leads

Module 5: Finding the right decision‐makers in each segment
Module 6: Developing and refining your value proposition
Module 7: Generating leads
Module 8: Leveraging social media

Section 3: Catching the Attention of Your Ideal Prospects

Module 9: Understanding your prospects and building rapport
Module 10: Communication strategies
Module 11: Communication tactics
Module 12: Business etiquette

Section 4: Generating Compelling Value Propositions

Module 13: Business acumen/literacy
Module 14: Understanding and selling all of the benefits
Module 15: Sector-specific examples of benefits beyond utility cost savings
Module 16: Developing winning proposal

Section 5: Calculating Returns

Module 17: Selecting the most appropriate and compelling financial metrics
Module 18: Using life-cycle cost analysis
Module 19: Applying energy efficiency to landlord/tenant settings
Module 20: Project financing and finding the “free money”

Section 6: Seeing it Through

Module 21: Presenting a one-page financial summary as well as the cost of delay
Module 22: Delivering winning proposals and closing the sale
Module 23: Account development
Module 24: Bringing it all together

Note: It is anticipated that all or parts of this Boot Camp will be recorded and made available to virtual attendees for both real-time and post-event viewing.  By registering for or attending this Boot Camp, you grant permission to Selling Energy to use live-streaming audio and video, recorded audio and video, photos and testimonials from this workshop, and you waive any right to royalties or other compensation arising from or related to the use of your image, recording or testimonial.  This material may be used in diverse training settings within an unrestricted geographic area.  In addition, event photos and testimonials from this training may be used for promotional and/or reporting purposes.