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Learn the Secrets of Selling in a Recession: Put the Wind Back in Your Sales!

Get empowered and motivated to continue advancing your energy initiatives despite challenging headwinds.


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When it comes to reacting to current events, you have two choices: give up or step up.

  • Outside sales professionals will need to prospect for and close business deals remotely.
  • Inside sales professionals will need to engage and motivate distracted prospects and customers.
  • Customer service and other support staff will need to “embrace their inner sales professional” so they can help drive revenue.

As keen observers of the previous four recessions will attest, many top performers not only prevailed, but also gained market share despite the turbulence.

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In an uncertain economic climate, we have your back.

Our mission is to ensure you are successful. With over 2,000 written testimonials and a history of success developing and executing training initiatives for organizations like yours, we are the ideal partner to help you achieve your goals.


Energy professionals are now selling more effectively.


written testimonials with a history of success.


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Don’t give up. Let us teach you how to step up.

During the four previous recessions, top producers not only prevailed but gained market share! We will help you:

    • Remain optimistic, motivated, and focused to win
    • Prevail in the face of multiple constraints, such as social distancing, spending freezes, and general uncertainty
    • Make the switch from outside sales to inside sales, and from reactive selling to proactive selling
    • Reframe the benefits of energy solutions to resonate with the specific challenges your customers are now facing
    • And much, much more!


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Let us help you put the wind back in your sales!

This 6-part series can be taken online, on-demand or live as a one-day or multi-day course. 

Session 1:  Prospering Despite New Constraints 

Session 2:  Moving from Outside to Inside Sales 

Session 3:  Replacing Reactive with Proactive 

Session 4:  Generating New Business

Session 5:  Optimizing Sales Management

Session 6:  Assembling All the Pieces to Win 

Register for the online course today!

Trusted by energy professionals across North America.

My entire sales and sales support team took this training. I saw positive results before the end of Week 1. We closed multiple sales quickly -- sales opportunities that had been lingering up to that point. Worth every penny.
Bruce Bibby
Bruce Bibby Former Director of Conservation and Demand Management at Hydro Ottawa
Every seller of energy efficiency needs this type of training! Very rare to find this caliber of training talent in our industry.
Richard Thorne
Richard Thorne Conservation Demand Management, Hydro Ottawa
All businesses want more business and this information helps companies land more work. I've attended ~20 SDG&E seminars and this has by far been the most useful.
Hayley Powers
Hayley Powers Sustainability Engineer, McParlane & Associates, Inc.
Best course I have taken in a decade! Mark was stellar - clear, precise and easy to understand! Mark is an awesome teacher and coach. Proven procedures with great stories and humor too!
Michael Huffman
Michael Huffman Corporate Account Manager, Green Hinge System

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