video Live in-person kick-off followed by a series of six 1-hour webinars

Selling Energy Boot Camp

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This new "Selling Energy Boot Camp" is optimized for busy sales professionals like you.

More than 15,000 sales, engineering, and marketing professionals have already learned how to leverage Selling Energy's award-winning and field-proven approaches to advancing energy efficiency.

They know how energy efficiency can help make their customers more competitive, profitable, and valuable. And by the way, the benefits extend far beyond utility savings. Energy upgrades can be the path to higher sales per square foot in Retail, enhanced learning outcomes in Schools, reduced scrap rates in Manufacturing, etc.

You too can learn how to get more projects approved by reframing the benefits of energy upgrades so they can be measured with yardsticks that decision-makers in Retail, Education, Manufacturing and 21 other market segments are already using to measure their own success.

This Boot Camp starts 6 hourlong webinars (both live and recorded), more than 100 online/on-demand 6-minute lessons, and other powerful online tools like Segment Guides™ that will give you the confidence to approach each of your prospects as a peer!

As a special bonus, this program will also help you...

  • Maximize the effectiveness of synchronous virtual selling with Teams, Zoom, and other tools; and,
  • Master asynchronous virtual selling so you can incorporate video throughout the sales process.

This sponsored training package consists of

  • Participation in 6 deep-dive hourlong webinars presented by Mark (also recorded for later viewing).
  • Access to select Selling Energy online training courses for a full year.
  • Access to Selling Energy's Segment GuidesTM database for a full year.
  • Access to no-cost live/virtual coaching sessions with Mark.

Please fill out the form on the right and submit to get started.

Once enrollment request has been processed, Selling Energy will reach out to provide directions for accessing the online training package and how to attend the 6 webinars. (The webinar event recordings will be posted to your online training account, where you can access them for a full year.)

Eligibility: To participate in the training, companies must service customers, or live in Duke Energy territory.

Terms of Use: Licenses to access Selling Energy online training courses are strictly single-user. As such, logins may not be shared, and group viewing is prohibited.



These 6 webinars highlight “some of the tallest trees in Selling Energy’s forest of winning sales tactics”:

Webinar 1 - *** Available online, on-demand
Reframe energy projects to match each customer’s segment-specific goals and yardsticks.

Webinar 2 - *** Available online, on-demand
Craft elevator pitches and three-sentence solicitations that capture and retain attention.

Webinar 3 - *** Available online, on-demand
Create and present compelling one-page narrative proposals focused on “why.”

Webinar 4 - *** Available online, on-demand
Compile and present one-page financial analyses featuring the right metrics.

Webinar 5 - *** Available online, on-demand
Overcome objections to “win” ignored, stalled, rejected or new energy proposals.

Webinar 6 -  *** Available online, on-demand
Leverage cross-selling, up-serving, referrals, etc. to generate “win-win” outcomes. 

Each of these six webinars includes insights into how to use both synchronous and asynchronous virtual selling to win more approvals.

SPECIAL BONUS: Each registrant will receive a full year of online/on-demand access to the webinar recordings.